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Three Types of Investment Accounts & How They May Affect Your Retirement Income

This week’s blog is a homage to a book that we’ve been giving to people who come in for a consultation for years, The Power Of Zero by David McNight. If you come in for one of our 365 Retirement Plan consultations, you’ll receive a copy of this book so that you can always reference this material. For the past few decades, Americans have grown accustomed to investing in tax-deferred plans like 401(k)s and IRAs, but if a person isn’t strategic about where their money is invested during the accumulation phases of their life, they may run into trouble (in the way of taxes) in the retirement years of their life. In this episode of Just Don’t Lose The Money Radio, we’ll discuss three basic types of investment accounts, and how they may affect your retirement income. Before we get in to each type of account, it is important to know WHY we are discussing this topic today. With a rapidly increasing National Debt (at almost $22 trillion dollars at the time of this blog post) and current income tax rates at near historic lows, there is a massive disconnect between what people think the future of tax rates will look like and what they are doing to prepare for it. If you think that tax rates could be even ONE PERCENT higher than they are today, what are you doing to insulate yourself from being affected by that?
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Six Action Items To Help You Prepare For A Solid Retirement

You’ve made it to that magical time in your life – the home stretch to retirement. Whether you have made the decision to work another ten years, or even one year, there are ways to start preparing immediately so that you can help your retirement years be worry-free. You worked hard to get there, but the “work” doesn’t end the day you clean out your office. That nest egg you created needs to be cared for and looked after, and this may be the most important job of your life. Sounds scary, right? It doesn’t have to be! It all starts with planning and being prepared for what’s ahead, before you walk out that door and start permanent unemployment. Some of these steps may seem obvious, but you will be surprised how many people ignore this process, either out of fear or laziness. The truth is, it will require a bit of elbow grease on your part, but these are some of the steps needed in order to start cementing that rock-solid foundation upon which your retirement will live.
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5 Frequently Asked Questions About RMDs & IRAs, Answered

You’ve set aside money all of these years, hoping to have a fluffy nest for retirement.  You’ve taken advantage of the IRS’ generosity allowing you to set aside funds each year and not include those funds in your taxable income.  You may even have been fortunate enough to earn an employer match on those funds and enjoyed watching your statements as the pot grew.  There may have been a time or two that you “lost” a little money but all in all you probably felt like a bandit with all this money stashed away without a tax bill at the end of the year.
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