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What’s Your Resolution This Year?

What do the New Year’s Eve Ball and the stock market have in common? They both started the year dropping. The difference is one signals promise and hope for the New Year, and the other signals…well, we might not want to think about what it signals.
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Made in Japan

I was born in Hong Kong.  I didn’t grow up playing baseball or riding bikes because in Hong Kong, there’s no space for those things.  If you rode a bike down the street, you’d get hit by a car!
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Do You Suffer From Financial Whiplash!

Do you ever feel like you get whiplash when you watch the stock market? Me, too.
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3 Unique Financial Challenges Women Face

I grew up in a family with four older sisters, so I’ve known since I was a small child women run the show both financially and otherwise!
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Another Kind of Independence Day

July 4th is a big day in our country’s history:  Independence Day.  It’s the day we told the Brits we were going to be our own country.  We haven’t looked back since.
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