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Father of the 401(k) to son: What a mess I made of you!

The fathers of the 401(k) plan as we know it today never intended it to replace the traditional pension plans most workers used to enjoy. But that’s exactly what’s happened over the last 30+ years. That’s what these individuals recently told the Wall Street Journal.
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No Blood, No Money Trusts

Many of our clients want to make sure that their assets stay in the family after they pass away. In order to eliminate any potential risk to your wishes, we use trusts.
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I Love My Four Kids, But…

I have 4 kids. Two are in college and 2 are still in high school. As we were all sitting at the same table recently for Thanksgiving, I thought to myself, I really love having my kids around, even if it’s only for a few short days during Thanksgiving break.
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